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The best rule for those that are not camping is that If it won't fit in a day pack, don't bring italong.  You will be hiking at least 38 kilometers, 19 the first day, and 19 thesecond day.  The first portion of your trip is shaded and not excessively hot; the second portion of your trip is grueling, hot, and tiring.  Both hiking days are physically demanding, and the more you bring, the harder it is.  Bring only the bare essentials, whichare the following:

1)  Loose cottonclothing, shorts, t-shirt, hat, one change tops, and plan to wash your dayone hiking clothes at Sirena and put them on wet for Day 2 the next morning.

2)  Appropriatefootwear is individual specific, but leather is not recommended.  DayOne can be done barefoot.  Day Two involves lots of rocks, so you shouldhave something more than Tevas.  I prefer the $5 pair of rubber boots soldlocally.  They are tough, have excellent traction in the forest, are easyto take off and put on, and dry very quickly if you go over the top.

3)  Insectprotection.  Bring a strong repellant (i.e. one with DEET as an active ingredient).  Two different species oflocally present mosquitoes carry dengue fever and malaria.  Also, for optimal comfort at the Sirena dormitory housing, a mosquito net is advised.

4)  Water. Two-liter bottle is adequate.  Water is heavy; don't get carried away as there is potable water for refills at all the ranger stations.

5)  Snacks andTreats.  Every slightest creature comfort is magnified in thewilderness, so be your own judge, just keep it light.

6)  Sunglasses andSun Block.

7)  Camera,obviously.

8)  Plastic bags. One garbage size plastic bag that you can put your pack in to stay dry,one  small plastic bag for dirty clothes, and several zip loc baggies tocarry items that must stay dry:  passport, matches, camera, film, SIMS,rolling papers, etc.

9)  Sheet(s). Sheets are not provided at the dormitory.  Bring a second one to sleep ontop of if you want, remember weight when packing.

10)  BasicEssentials.  Knife, lighter, flashlight, spare batteries, ballpoint pen, essential meds (anaphylactic shock remedy, insulin, lithium, birth control, etc.) according to your particular medical circumstances.

11)  Cash.  Youwill need cash if you want to rent a canoe at Sirena.  Also you will want some dough to buy cold drinks at La Leona Lodge or the Carate Pulperia upon your exit.

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