Corcovado National Park Trails

Sirena trails


An assortment of trails are located in the vicinity of the Sirena Ranger Station, which is considered the heart of Corcovado National Park.  The three trails that originate at the remaining three ranger stations (La Leona, Los Patos, and San Pedrillo) all converge on the Sirena Ranger Station.  Of these, the San Pedrillo trail is not shown as this trail is unlikely to be re-opened to the public.  The other trails in the Sirena vicinity are mostly loops that enable park visitors overnighting in Sirena trails to take 2-4 hour hikes upon during the morning, afternoon, and evening for viewing wildlife.

Trail details are provided below for the Claro, Guanacaste, Espaveles, Ollas/Corcovado, Sirena, and Naranjo trails.

The extraordinary diversity and concentration of wildlife in the Corcovado Basin, which contains Sirena Ranger Station, means that spectacular wildlife viewing opportunities are liable to present themselves at virtually any time at nearly any part of any trail.  None of the animals are hunted, so they do not have much fear of human beings.  As a result, tapirs often feed at night on the landing strip, and herds of peccaries numbering more than a hundred individuals frequently roam with a few hundred meters of the ranger station itself. 

The best times for viewing wildlife are in the early mornings, late afternoons, and at night.  Still, a wide variety of wildlife can be seen at all times of day or night.  Although the animals are not particularly fearful of humans, they remain wild creatures and are skittish.  To optimize your viewing options proceed slowly and quietly through the forest without talking or rustling undergrowth, optimally in groups of no more than three persons to avoid making too much noise.

Espaveles Trail

Guanacaste Trail

Land Surface Profile of a 5.2 kilometer loop of the following trails:  Las Ollas-Espaveles-Los Patos-Guanacaste-Sirena-Beach-Airstrip-Sirena

Ollas / Corcovado Trail

Claro Trail

Sirena Trail

Naranjo Trail

Land Surface Profile of a 7.8 kilometer loop of the following trails:  Las Ollas-Corcovado-Claro-Naranjo-Airstrip

            Guadalupe -->  Park Boundary                                   Pictures

            Park Boundary -->  Los Patos                                      Pictures

            Los Patos -->  Sirena                                                    Pictures

            Sirena --> San Pedrillo                                                 Pictures

            Sirena Area Trails                                                         Pictures

            Sirena --> La Leona                                                      Pictures

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