Corcovado National Park


Three Day Expedition Los Patos - Sirena - La Leona

Multiple day excursions along the Los Patos - Sirena - La Leona route are the same as the two-day excursion described here, only an additional day or two is spent at Sirena. The Park Service allows visitors to stay for as long as five days and four nights inside the park. Activities that can be undertaken from each of the ranger stations are summarized below:

Los Patos

Baco Trail: The Baco trail is a four-kilometer trail that branches off from the Corcovado Boundary - Los Patos trail 0.7 kilometers from the Los Patos station and then rejoins the trail along the Los Patos - Sirena trail 0.16 km from Los Patos. It provides access to a nice waterfall on the Quebrada La Tarde. The hiking loop of 2.5 kilometers takes about one hour.

Guaymi Indian Reservation: The Guaymi Indian Reservation is a protected reserve comprising 27.1 square kilometers that bounds the northeastern border of Corcovado National Park. Though not designated as a trail, there is a path that connects Los Patos with the main village of the Indian reservation, though this is not open to the public. To visit the reservation it is best to plan a full day for this activity and to follow the road in from Guadalupe, either on horseback or foot, or by vehicle during dry season months when this road can be transited by 4WD taxis. At the Guaymi village of Alta Laguna, you may expect to be able to buy local handcrafts. There is a fee of $5 per visitor.


Sirena Trails: There are a number of trails in the Sirena area, all described here. It is possible to hike all of the trails in a single day. Likely routes to follow include: Espaveles – Guanacaste - Sirena in the morning, and Las Ollas – Corcovado - Claro in the afternoon, or vice-versa. Also, hikers can explore to the northeast along the coastline on the San Pedrillo trail.

Swimming: There is a swimming hole in the Rio Claro along the Claro trail. It is a twenty-minute walk from the ranger station to get there. The beach offers alternative swimming options. Be aware of currents and heavy surf. Do not swim in the vicinity of river mouths as this is where bull sharks feed.

Sea Turtles: Olive Ridley, green, and black sea turtles all use the beaches along the Corcovado coastline for laying eggs. Laying season runs from June through November, and laying turtles can commonly be observed at night (except that night tours are not allowed) during this time period. Sea turtles comprise the jaguar's primary food source during these months, so sea turtle viewing is actually one of the most likely opportunities to spot the elusive jaguar as well.

Night Hiking: Corcovado National Park no longer allows night hikes from Sirena.


Price US dolar - per person

3 Day - All Inclusive $ 630 $ 540 $ 500
3 Day - Budget $ 545 $ 480 $ 450



Day One
5:00 Departure Jimenez in taxi.
6:00 Mount up on horses at Guadalupe and head for the mountains
8:00 Dismount at Corcovado Park boundary and climb to Los Patos Ranger Station
9:00 Pack lunch in the forest
11:30 Almuerzo en el bosque.
15:30 Arrival and check-in at Sirena Ranger Station: soft drinks, showers, laundry, lounging
17:45 Dinner, Sirena.
Day Two
6:30 Breakfast at Sirena
7:30 Hike one of the Sirena loop trails.
11:00 Lunch at Sirena
12:30 Hike a second Sirena loop trail.
18:00 Dinner, Sirena
Day Three
6:30 Breakfast
7:00 Departure (fill water bottles). Hike along the beach trail to the La Leona Ranger Station
15:00 Arrival at latest at Carate General Store (the Pulperia). Depending on time you can stop at La Leona Lodge forty minutes prior for ice cold soft drinks, or, even iced cold beer (since you're nearly there).
15:30 Departure by private taxi from the Carate Pulperia
18:00 Back in Puerto Jimenez