Corcovado National Park

San Pedrillo Ranger Station

San Pedrillo Expeditions

The Park Service has permanently closed to the public the trail connecting San Pedrillo and Sirena ranger stations. This trail is a 25.5 km trajectory that is a technical hike and is considered too dangerous to allow the public to use. This is due in part to the distance of the hike but also due to the fact that there are three rivers (with their populations of crocodiles and bull sharks) that must be crossed that due to their locations cannot all be crossed at low tide. Much of the hike is under the open sun, and to avoid excessive exposure, the trail must be reasonably hiked in part at night. On top of complications of physical exertion and the technical aspects of the hike, there is no support along the way, most notably no water supply, so hikers are additionally burdened by having to carry even more water. In light of the many safety concerns that the trail poses, this trail is no longer open to the public.

For multiple-day park expeditions originating in Drake, it is certainly possible to hike from Drake to San Pedrillo, but a boat charter is required to get from there to Sirena.


One Day Tour San Pedrillo Ranger Station: $85 pp
Two Day Tour - Camping San Pedrillo:INQUIRE