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ALERT:  As of Feb 1 14 all park visitors must be accompanied by professional guide, even for single day tours.

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Permit Policies

As of November 2014, the National Park service has changed its policies to secure a permit to Corcovado once again. You can now only secure a permit at a maximum of 31 days (or one month) ahead of your trip to Corcovado. This means that there will be a great deal of competition for permits exactly one month before peak high season (Dec. 20-Jan. 5, and Holy Week). Make sure to reserve your tours to Corcovado at least a month in advance so we can secure your permits at the earliest possible moment.

As of February 1 2014, all Corcovado visitors must be accompanied by certified professional guides. This dramatically changes the way many people have seen the park. In practical terms do not fill this form out and apply for permits unless you have already contracted a private guide. For most guided expeditions, the guiding company will secure the permits. We'll help you with permit procurement, but keep in mind that the Park Service has a strict no-refund policy, and that you will not be allowed to use permits that you secure unless you are accompanied by a guide. That said, we can still get permits for you. If you would like a guided trip, then you may want to skip ahead to expeditions.

Corcovado National Park permits are issued by MINAET and may be reserved directly with the Park Headquarters in Puerto Jimenez by writing to pncorcovado@gmail.com. Permits must be paid in advance and a voucher is issued by the Park Service upon proof of payment. It is this voucher that park visitors (or their tour guides) must have to visit the park. The Park Service does not accept credit cards nor wire transfers. This means that the applicant must plan to spend time in Puerto Jimenez and pay at the bank and then shuttle the bank receipt over to the Park Service office to receive the required voucher.

Osa Corcovado Tour and Travel provides next-day reservations for a fee of $30 or 10% of total for permits exceeding $350. We send your final voucher by email so that you can proceed directly to the park without having to pass through Jimenez. To use this service, please fill out the the permit application here and we will send you the MINAET issued reservation sheet (Formulario de Prepago) and billing. You may pay this amount plus our reservation fee by either Visa or Mastercard or PayPal. We will in turn pay the Park and issue final confirmation within 24 hours of receiving your payment. With this in hand you will need no other documentation to proceed directly to the park.

Single Day

Normally, your tour guide will secure your single-day permits for you as part of the guiding service. If for some reason your guide leaves it to you to secure the permits, you may request them here.

Multiple Day

A maximum stay of five days and four nights is permitted inside the park during any given visit. Rates for day use, camping, lodging, and food service are shown below.


Foreigner Price

Resident price

Reservation Required?

Park Daily Use Fee (five days maximum stay)


C 1600


Dorm sleeping per night (Sirena only) per person








Breakfast (Sirena only)       




Lunch (Sirena only)




Dinner (Sirena only)           




Make Reservations Directly Through the Park Service: The Hard Way

1) Call the Park Service at +506 2735-5036 or send an email to pncorcovado@gmail.com and provide your name, group size, arrival date, whether you will want camping or dorm lodging, and the desired meal plan. Provide an email address to receive the pre-pay reservation sheet

2) Upon receiving the prepay reservation sheet and confirming that the reservations made correspond with those requested, you may pay with an international wire transfer. Since food payments and use fee, permitting, and lodge payments must be made into two separate accounts, you will need to make two separate wire transfers and add in enough money to cover the Costa Rican wire transfer fees, which vary according to your bank's affiliations and cannot be anticipated. In practice this is a tedious and frustrating manner in which to proceed, but the Park Service does not have a facility for accepting credit cards. Upon making the wire transfer in the correct amounts, fax or email the confirmation to the Park Service and wait to receive the park's prepaid reservations voucher authorization.

3) For those unwilling to pay the relatively high costs of two wire transfers ($60-80 to cover fees assessed by the sending and receiving banks), you must plan to travel to Puerto Jimenez and pay at the bank. Banking hours are from 8:30 to 3:45 Monday through Friday, and lines typically are 30-90 minutes, so bring a book as you wait.

4) Once you make payment at the bank, then proceed with the bank payment receipts to the Parks office in Puerto Jimenez--again during business hours, though the Park Service (unlike the bank) now has weekend hours as well--to present your proof of payment. They will issue your prepayment voucher while you wait. You may NOT pay in cash at the Park Service office. You may NOT pay cash at the Park itself.

5) You must have both your bank payment vouchers AND your Park Service issued prepayment voucher to present to rangers at both the station of entry as well as the station(s) at which you will be overnighting.

Make Reservations through Osa Corcovado Tour & Travel: The Easy Way

Just fill out the form below, and let me get your reservations for you. I will send you the pre-pay reservation form and billing. You pay by credit card, and I make the bank deposit and secure your final park confirmation voucher and send it to you, normally within 48 hours of your initial request. The paperwork I send is all you need to proceed directly to the park. My fee for the reservation service is a one-time $30 for packages up to $350, and 10% of total for group packages over $350. In addition to this, there is a 5% credit card payment fee assessed by the bank. If you have questions, you may write us at permisos@corcovadoguide.com. If you are ready to request your park permit reservations, simply fill out the form below.