Corcovado National Park



The fabled San Pedrillo - Sirena trail has been closed. The only portion of the trail that remains open to the public is the segment between San Pedrillo and the Llorona River.

The Corcovado National Park network of trails link the four ranger stations inside the park to each other as well as to the nearest towns outside of the park. Also, each ranger station has one or more local trails, typically loops of 1-3 kilometers that are popular for day visitors at San Pedrillo and La Leona and for overnight visitors at Sirena. Sirena Ranger Station, considered the heart of the park, has the greatest number of local trails, and it also boasts the greatest profusion of wildlife.

Please note that the San Pedrillo-Sirena trail has always been a seasonal trail, open only during the dry season months that the San Pedrillo Ranger Station is open. However, because of the challenging nature of this trail, MINAET closed this trail to non-academic visitors several years ago. The other trails are open year-round, though it is always advisable to inquire as to prevailing conditions, particularly in the rainy season.

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